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A Naturalistic, Play-based Approach to Autism Care 

Elevated Kids is a BCBA-owned company that specializes in a naturalistic, play-based approach to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for toddlers and young children (ages 0-8) diagnosed with Autism or other developmental delays. This evidence-based approach to ABA is called Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention (NDBI) and is considered best practice for young children diagnosed with Autism, combining the principles of both ABA and developmental science to support a range of areas in child development, with the hallmark of the intervention focused on parent coaching.

At Elevated Kids, our goal is to meet children and parents exactly where they are and provide appropriate tools and strategies to be successful throughout their own naturally occurring daily routines. With the emphasis on developmentally appropriate child-centered goals and activities, Elevated Kids' NDBI and neurodiversity-affirming approach to care focuses on following the child's lead, capturing individual strengths, and connecting through play and social interactions to create natural learning opportunities to help children grow in their development and also in their self-confidence. 

Elevated Kids is driven by compassion, integrity, and a strong commitment that each child and family deserves the absolute best care. Elevated Kids provides services to families throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. 


Our Mission And Vision



Committed to limitless possibilities for children and family success! 



We work as a compassionate, innovative, and integrated team of experts and are proud to offer early diagnostic services and subsequent immediate access to care under one roof to support the coordination and continuity of the most effective and highest quality of care for families.

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