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Discrete Trial Training (DTT) 


Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention (NDBI)

At Elevated Kids we implement Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention (NDBI) under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). NDBI is considered best practice for young children diagnosed with ASD, combining the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and developmental science to improve a range of areas in child development, including communication, engagement, joint attention, imitation, peer interactions, challenging behaviors, play skills, and social/emotional skills.

The overarching approaches and strategies of NDBI include:

  • Providing opportunities for a child’s skill building in the context of interactive, natural settings across a range of daily routines, social interactions, and play activities;
  • Emphasizing the use of environmental/natural reinforcers that are directly related to the activity presented;
  • Following the child’s play interests to guide activities and capture learning opportunities to increase motivation and engagement for learning interchanges;
  • An overarching emphasis on the child’s social engagement and building meaningful interactions within the learning context;
  • Explicit focus on coaching parents on the techniques to promote learning, engagement, and connection throughout daily family routines.
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