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Enrollment Process

At Elevated Kids, we understand your child’s journey is complex and unique, and with that comes stress. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team members will help walk you through the entire enrollment process, no matter where you are on your journey. 

Step 1: Initial Consultation

When you inquire about our enrollment process, you will be contacted by a dedicated client intake advocate, who will be your guide throughout the entire enrollment journey.

You will be able to ask them any questions regarding the enrollment process, insurance, or our ABA center locations. During your initial phone consultation, your dedicated client intake advocate will ask you a short list of questions to determine if our services are appropriate for your child.

If services are not deemed appropriate for your child, we will do our best to direct you toward alternative resources or advocacy groups better suited to your child’s needs.

Step 2: Verification of Benefits

ABA therapy is a benefit included in many, but not all, commercial insurance policies. Our team will work on your behalf to determine the specifics.

Your dedicated client intake advocate will serve as a liaison with your insurance carrier to determine if ABA services are a covered benefit. Additionally, your client intake advocate will help you understand the out-of-pocket components of your specific insurance plan (deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance, out-of-pocket max) so that you know what to expect financially.

A copy of your insurance card is all we need to get this process started! We typically can provide a summary of benefit eligibility within two business days.

Step 3: Diagnosis

Once we have confirmed that ABA therapy is a covered benefit, we will work with you to gather additional documentation required by your insurance carrier.

While all insurance carriers have their own specific requirements, all will require two components: (i) a comprehensive diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, which is typically a several page report prepared by a licensed medical professional; and (ii) a prescription for ABA therapy, which is a recommendation from a medical professional that ABA therapy is an appropriate course of treatment for your child.

If your child has been previously diagnosed, your client intake advocate will gather the required documentation support for insurance authorization.

Does your child not have a diagnosis? No worries! Your client intake advocate will support you throughout the diagnosis journey and can provide a referral to a diagnosing provider in your area.

Step 4: Insurance Authorization & Assessment

Once the documentation required by your insurance carrier has been gathered, your dedicated client intake advocate will request authorization for an ABA therapy assessment from your insurance carrier.

During this process, your insurance carrier will review all documentation provided, and authorize our clinicians to conduct this assessment. It may take up to two weeks for your insurance carrier to process this authorization request.

This is an initial evaluation conducted by one of our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). This is typically a 3-4 hour evaluation completed in one of our centers. This evaluation will serve as the basis for a personalized treatment plan specific to your child’s needs.

Step 5: Pre-Enroll

Following the assessment, our BCBA will use the information gathered from observing your child to develop a personalized treatment plan.

This treatment plan outlines the skills our BCBAs will work on with your child, recommended frequency, and expected commitments from parents. Once this plan is completed, our BCBA will schedule a follow up meeting to discuss these recommendations. Once you have aligned with our BCBA on your child’s treatment plan, we will provide a copy of the treatment plan to your insurance carrier for their approval.

Dependent on insurance carrier, this can take up to two weeks to receive approval.

Step 6: Enroll

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