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"Everything that is done in this world is done by HOPE" 

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Autism Evaluation

Comprehensive Autism Evaluation utilizing the gold standard ADOS-2 Assessment to help provide an accurate diagnosis.

Early Intervention

Individualized, evidence-based early intervention services designed to support children with developmental delays and their families.

ABA/NDBI Therapy

Naturalistic, play-based ABA therapy under the supervision of a BCBA for toddlers and young children diagnosed with ASD. 

Parent Coaching

Parent support and coaching on effective strategies to promote learning, engagement, and connection throughout daily family routines

School Consultation

Consultation and coaching with preschools and childcare centers to assist in providing effective strategies to promote an inclusive environment for all children.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills objectives taught through fun and motivating exercises designed to promote meaningful social communication opportunities in a small group setting  

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